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You've found your way home! This is the official site for ALL 545th Military Policemen and women who served at Fort Bliss, Australia, New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago, Leyte, Luzon, Manila, Tokyo, Korea, Panama, Fort Gordon, Vietnam, Fort Chaffee, Fort Drum, Bosnia, Honduras, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Fort Hood, Fort Richardson or any of the other scenic vacation spots the 545th MP Company served at. Sign in while you're here and you'll receive a copy of our units Buddy Contact Roster with everyone's name, phone number and email address. Stay in touch for life and never have to look for your buddies again!

Sadly, the 545th Military Police Company was deactivated on October 15, 2005 at Fort Hood, Texas. The last Company Commander, CPT Matt Mularoni cased the colors and turned them in to the MP Museum until the unit was reactivated at Fort Richardson, Alaska in 2008 and the Guidon was once again unfurled. The 545th has a glorious and colorful history and is the most highly decorated Military Police Company in the Army. Such a unit with it's can do attitude and multitude of accomplishments “First in Manila, first in Tokyo, first in Pyongyang, first to cross the 38th parallel, and first at Panmunjom" would not be expected to stay on the inactive rolls of Military Police Corps units too long!

The 545th MP Co. has escorted more convoys, secured more VIP's, moved more displaced persons, processed more POW's, manned more Traffic Control Points, established more bridge heads, conducted more combat patrols, issued more DR's, and covered larger geographical areas of operations than many MP Battalions. The MP's in the 545th have filled in as infantrymen, artillery observers, combat engineers and every other area within the division where there was a need for manpower to fill the gaps in the line left by casualties and they were proud to have done so.

We are truly a band of brothers and sisters and it is here at this site where you can reconnect with your brothers and sisters and stay connected for life. With so many veterans of this unit wanting to stay in touch with each other, this is the place to do it. Enjoy the photos and histories in this site. It has all been supplied, researched and organized by your fellow 545th Military Policemen.



Samuel R. Reinert
USAR (Inactive)
Commanding Officer
545th MP Company, 1st Air Cavalry Division
Phouc Vinh , Vietnam
1969 - 1970
Garry Owen


A message from the 545th MP Co Association Commandant, Colonel Jeff Harris

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MG David E. Quantock, current serving Provost Marshal General


                                                              PMG Johnson in his office.                                   PMG Johnson in Stetson at Ft Richardson, Alaska

 A Message from the Past Provost Marshal General.

"Greetings fellow 545th Military Policemen and women." 


   2nd Bde


The 545th Military Police Company was constituted on 15 February 1939 as the Military Police Platoon, Headquarters Troop, 1st Cavalry Division in the Regular Army.  The unit was re-designated 4 July 1942, as the MP Platoon, 1st Cavalry Division and activated at Fort Bliss, Texas.  Also at this time it was re-designated as the Military Police Platoon, 1st Cavalry Division (Special).

The MP Platoon, 1st Cavalry Division (Special) was deployed on 26 July 1943, to Queens Island, Australia, in preparation for entering into World War II.  In February 1944, the MP Platoon deployed with the 1st Cavalry Division for the Admiralty Islands in the Pacific Theatre and stormed ashore with the 1st Cavalry Division in an amphibious landing at Los Negros Island.  They participated in campaigns in New Guinea, the Bismarck Archipelago, Leyte and Luzon.  During this time the MP Platoon, the First Team's Finest, suffered its first combat losses.

On 20 October 1944, the MP Platoon was again deployed with the Division to the Philippine Islands. General Macarthur selected the 1st Cavalry Divisions Finest for the honor of leading the Allied Occupation Army into Tokyo.  On 2 September 1945, the 1st Cavalry Division with the MP Platoon was redeployed from the Philippine Islands to Camp Drake Japan.  The MP Platoon was assigned to Camp Drake and conducted Division MP Duties.

During the occupation of Japan, on 25 March 1949, the MP Platoon, Headquarters Troop, 1st Cavalry Division (Special), was re-designated as the 545th Military Police Company, 1st Cavalry Division at Camp Drake, Japan.  It would remain there until 1950.

On 13 July, the 1st Cavalry Division and the 545th MP Company departed Japan by LST and on 18 July 1950, was initially scheduled to make an amphibious landing at Inchon.  The landing was redirected to the southeastern coast of Korea at Pohang-dong, a port 80 miles north of Pusan.  The North Koreans were 25 miles away when elements of the 1st Cavalry Division made their first amphibious landing of the Korean War. By 22 July 1950, all Regiments of the Division were deployed and in battle positions.  The Division broke out of the perimeter in mid September and started north crossing the 38th parallel on 9 October 1950.  The Division entered Pyongyang, capturing the capital of North Korea on 19 October 1950.

By January 1952, the Division, after 18 months of continuous fighting, deployed back to Hokkaido, Japan on 22 December 1951 and performed Garrison Military Police Duty.  The 545th MP Company was inactivated 15 October 1957 at Hokkaido, Japan and relieved from assignment to the 1st Cavalry Division.  Their deactivation was short lived as on 15 July 1963, the 545th Military Police Company was reassigned to the 1st Cavalry Division and activated in Korea on 1 September 1963.

In early 1965, the 545th Military Police Company accompanied the 1st Cavalry Division in rotation back to the United States.  On 3 July 1965, in Doughboy Stadium at Fort Benning, Georgia, the colors of the 11th Air Assault Division (test) were cased and retired.  As the band played the rousing strains of Gary Owen, the colors of the 1st Cavalry Division were moved onto the field.  As part of the reorganization, the 11th Air Assault MP Co. was re-designated as the 545th Military Police Company, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile).

Peace for the soldiers of the 545th proved short lived and they soon found themselves once again facing the rigors of deployment and combat in the Republic of Vietnam.  The 1st Cavalry Division was alerted for Vietnam and in mid August 1965, an advance party of the 545th MP Company departed by air while the remainder of the company was shipped by troop transport and Aircraft Carrier from Charleston S.C. during August 1965.  The MP's acted as Provost Marshal Section for each ship, including guarding prisoners who had attempted to go AWOL. As their ships arrived in Vietnam, beginning 12 September 1965, the 545th MP Company set up operations and began to expedite traffic.  Once an adequate traffic control system was established, the troops were flown by helicopters or accompanied convoys from Quin Nhon up Highway 19 to the Division Base Camp at An Khe.  Arriving at Camp Radcliff, September 1965, they commenced the construction of their company area, while providing security and carrying out MP duties.  Later the company was headquartered at Phouc Vinh and arranged along the Vietnamese/Cambodian border.

The 545th MP Company earned a Presidential Unit Citation, a Valorous Unit Award, the Meritorious Unit Commendation with two oak leaf clusters, three Vietnamese Crosses of Gallantry; and in 1970 was the first unit to win the Brigadier General Jeremiah P. Holland Award.  The 545th truly earned the title “The United States Army's Best Military Police Company”.  By the time they re-deployed from Southeast Asia in 1971, the 545th MP Co. had participated in 13 campaigns.  The First Team's Finest settled at Fort Hood, Texas and though ever vigilant, remained stateside for almost two decades.

During 28 August 1981 to 30 October 1981, the 545th MP Co was deployed to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas in support of the Cuban Refugee Resettlement Task Force. In September of 1990, the United States once again called upon the First Team's Finest to help bring peace to the world.  The 545th Military Police Company deployed with the First Team to Southwest Asia in support of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm where General Schwarzkopf ordered “Send in the First Team and destroy the Republican Guard”.

While in Southwest Asia, the 545th received another Meritorious Unit Commendation, making it the most decorated Military Police Company in the United States Army.  The 545th has 14 award streamers and 29 campaign participation streamers on its Guidon.  In December 2001, following attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, and the Pentagon, the first Team's Finest was once again called into action, and deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. On orders, the 545th Military Police Company Deploys and Provides Combat Support to the 1st Cavalry Division by Conducting Maneuver and Mobility Support, Area Security, Internment/Resettlement Operations, Company Sustainment, and Law and Order Operations.


In January 2004, 2nd Platoon deployed to Iraq with the 2nd Brigade Combat Team.  The platoon was joined by the remainder of the company in March and April 2004.  During the next 12 months, the company conducted full spectrum operations within the TF Baghdad area of operations.  These missions included: convoy support operations; training, teaching, and coaching the Iraqi Police in southern Baghdad; providing personnel security to key Division leaders; and security at the Division Confinement Facility.  Soldiers of the 545th Military Police Company was involved in all major operations conducted by the 1st Cavalry Division in Baghdad, Iraq.  In April 2005, the final Soldiers of the 545th MP CO returned home to Ft. Hood, Texas.  In June 2005, the 4th and 5th platoons were disbanded and the Soldiers absorbed into the remaining 3 platoons.  On 16 July 2005, 1, 2, and 3 platoons were formally reassigned to their respective brigade combat teams.

In September 2005, two former platoons of the 545th deployed to Louisiana to assist with the disaster relief efforts resulting from the damage and destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina.

On 15 October 2005, the HQ platoon formally cased the Guidon one more time as this chapter of the 545th MP CO came to an official close.  The Guidon might be cased, but the spirit of the “First Team's Finest” will carry on in the MP Soldiers who proudly wore the MP brassard with the 1st CAV patch.

 On August 12, 2008 at 1400 HRS on Pershing Field at Fort Richardson Alaska, the 545th MP Company was once again reactivated and assigned to the Arctic MP Battalion (Provisional).  The provost Marshal General, BG Rod Johnson who had commanded the 545th MP Company as a young Captain at Fort Hood, Texas and the Provost Command Sergeant Major, CSM Freddie Brock, who had also served in the 545th as a young NCO  were present for this activation ceremony as well as CPT Sam Reinert who had commanded the 545th at Phouc Vinh, Vietnam.

Provost CSM Freddie Brock and PMG Rod Johnson in Cav Stetsons at the reactivation ceremony at Ft Richardson, Alaska

Once again the 545th MP Company is called to service in Iraq and on 28 May 2009 the unit deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 09 – 10.  The unit was deployed with the Command Element and HQS Platoon at LSA Anaconda, 1st Platoon at COB Speicher/FOB Bernstein, 2nd Platoon at FOB Summer all and the 3rd Platoon at FOB Warhorse

CPT Mike Mixon, Commander of the 545th MP Company at Fort Richardson 2009 with the company Guideon



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May 5, 2016

The webmaster currently has added a  new video to the "Vietnam Tab." The video depicts members of the 545th MP Co, who were deployed along with the 1st Cav Div in 1965. It covers the years 1965 - 1966 in An Khe. Also added to the "Group Photo Tab," is a group pict of some of the remaining members of those MP's that served in 1965 - 1966.


May 5, 2016



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August 17, 2014

The Association had the pleasure of the company of our Web Master, SSG (Ret) Victor Alvarez, over the weekend and we had a great time at our 545th club bar. Not only did we discuss a lot of Association Business, but we spent hours discussing the good old days when we both served with the 545th in Vietnam when I was the company Commander and Victor was a CID Agent in the 1st Cav CID Detachment.  It was great to see Victor once again and while he was here we looked at various properties and Victor has chosen one to purchase as he plans to move here from Texas so that he may be near our Association HQS, if everything goes well. I look forward to having him live here in Richmond near me so that we can discuss Association Business more frequently and on a face to face basis.

Cpt Sam Reinert

February 1, 2013

For the past two years our association has been working on a project which we will eventually call Camp Cunningham. This facility will be owned and operated by our association and eventually house a Retreat for Gold Star families, Old Soldiers/Nursing Home, housing for handicapped and disabled soldiers, a Mounted MP Ceremonial unit, an MP restored military vehicle museum, a living MP horse cavalry living museum, an MP Club and the Headquarters for our association just to mention a few. There will also be a stadium/arena for horse and stock shows, rodeos and exhibits. We have several large parcels of property in mind for this project and require donations with which to purchase one of them with. There will also be several Franchise possibilities within this facility. For further information call CPT Sam Reinert at (765) 238-1376 or to donate go to the bottom of this home page where you will find a Donation link to Pay Pal. Thank you.

April 16, 2014

 A Message from our Webmaster:

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LTC Howard Hunt

Past Commander, Arctic MP BN and Provost Marshal

United States Army, Alaska

"All members of the Polar Bears finest are authorized  to view this site. I personally recommend it!"




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